Our team includes real estate investment experts and hedge fund managers as well as experienced property managers, builders, and developers. We also regularly work with a well-regarded team of commercial brokers, lawyers, tax advisors, insurance agents, inspectors and engineers for each and every project we take on

Aman Goyal

Managing Partner

Aman is the founder and managing partner of Pineheron Investments and Asset Management. After having extensive experience at a major London-based international bulge bracket investment bank, Aman saw the opportunity to create a vehicle to provide direct access to the U.S. property to foreign investors. Formerly an Assistant Vice President with Barclays Capital Japan, one of the largest investment firms on Wall Street, Aman has been involved in the mortgage securities covering commercial, residential and asset-backed mortgage securities’ analytics & trading. Aman has a background in real estate workings with bloodline in residential and commercial real estate, property management and investment market in different parts of the world. He earned his Masters in Computer Science from Urbana-Champaign, Chicago and a Masters in Applied Finance from Macquarie University in Sydney.


Pavan Agarwal


Pavan has been a real estate developer and an entrepreneur since 1992. He has completed development of over 800 units and 600+ plotted land development in Asia. His real estate development projects run in excess of US$50M. Pavan graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering in 1987. From 1988 to 1997, he founded and operated an iron and steel manufacturing plant. Since 1998, he has focussed exclusively on strategic land acquisitions and real estate development. In parallel, he continues to perfect his game of golf every single day. Pavan has served as the President of numerous social organizations including the Lions Club and makes regular leadership presence at various industry events.

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